Injustice At Work Place – She Got Terminated Because She Was Pregnant

The developed countries in the world are trying to make sure that the female workforce gets proper working environment and they should be comfortable in doing their jobs even after marriage and for this purpose, the provision for maternity leave has been made.

But an incident in a private firm in Noida shows that Indian companies need a lot to learn when it comes to employee satisfaction. Radhika Gupta was working with Radius Synergies International Pvt. Ltd, Noida for more than 2 years and everything was going great until she made a request for maternity leave as she was pregnant.


The 28 year old Radhika needed maternity leave a little earlier as she was having some medical complications and was asked by the doctor to take complete bed rest, but instead of getting leave from the company, she got terminated.

As per a report published in TopYaps, Radhika said, “I am only the HR in the company. I directly report to the Director. Initially, I had a verbal conversation about the maternity leave and it was fine. But, when the time came, and I applied for the leave, it was denied.”

In reply from her employer, she was told that they can’t afford that there employee goes on a leave such long, so she should resign. As she denied resigning, an official termination letter was sent to her within 45 minutes of her email.


Well Radhika is no mood to bear this injustice and she has written a letter to  the Ministry of women and Child Development and PMO, describing what has happened with her. The investigation is under process after the ministry took the note of the incident.

Let us hear what Radhika wants to say on this matter:

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What you think of this incident and if anyone from your known ones have underwent similar type of situation, do let us know in the comments section.


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