Pakistan Is Waging A Proxy War Against India In Cyber Space Also – This Is How It Is Happening

As per the Indian government, the Kashmir problem is the result of home grown militancy and the whole sole credit goes to Pakistan who is fighting a proxy war.This opinion of Indian government has now been endorsed by a recent study which was done by the government agencies on the reactions given on social media from July 8 to July 14 in regard to Burhan Wani’s killing.

As per the study, the total responses (1.26 lakhs) received on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., can be classified in following manner:


By unknown geographical locations, it is meant that these people are sending messages after switching off their location, so that they are untraceable if someone wants to find their location.

TOI talked to I&B ministry official who said that this data indicates that Pakistan is fighting a proxy war in the cyber space as well.

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