Want To Keep Pet Dog At Home, First Keep Your Neighbours Happy

If you are planning to have a pet dog at home than first person you need to meet and convince for keeping a pet dog at your home, will be your neighbour. Yes, that is correct, if you are from Kochi, you may very soon find yourself at the mercy of your neighbour because if he doesn’t gives you NOC then your dream of keeping a pet dog may not be fulfilled.

The city corporation authorities are planning to make it compulsory for the owners to take NOC from neighbours for keeping pet dogs to ensure that nobody experiences inconvenience due to pet dogs in the locality.


V K Minimol, health standing committee chairperson said, “In March we had introduced a project to implant microchips in pet dogs through a single-window system. However, later we received numerous complaints from neighbours of dog owners stating that the civic body had issued pet dog ownership licences without any inspection. This prompted us to think of an NOC system. Since houses are built so close to each other in city limits, obtaining permission from neighbours is required for the greater good.”

A person who made a complaint regarding his neighbour and his dog tells that his neighbour let his dog free in the daytime and on confrontation, he says that he has the licence, he tells, “It enters the courtyard of the neighbours, creating nuisance. When I brought it to the attention of the dog owner, he claimed that he has a licence.”

The new procedure which is being designed by the health standing committee will require the pet owners to first visit the concerned circle office (health) for submitting the application after which a visit will be made by the officials at his house. Taking NOC from the neighbour will come in the last.

The dog owners of the city are not happy with this new regulation, as per a pet owner the move is not  a sensible one, he said, “Instead of introducing regulation that give the power to neighbours, the civic body should try and develop responsible dog ownership mentality among the pet owners. Majority buy and keep pets just for flaunting it or for protection. Such people should be made aware that owning a dog comes with certain responsibilities and they are bound to take good care of the animal.”.

What is your opinion regarding this rule of taking NOC from the neighbours for keeping a pet dog, do let us know in the comments section.


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