A Never Seen Before Political Love Story: This Kerala MLA To Tie Knot With An IAS Officer

In India, a country where even an illiterate politician can give orders to a well-qualified IAS officer, mostly what we hear is about the strained relations between them but for the first time, as per our knowledge, we are hearing about a marriage which is going to take place between an MLA and an IAS officer.
We are talking about Congress MLA K S Sabarinadhan (33) and Thiruvananthapuram sub collector Divya S Iyer (32), on Tuesday, Sabarinadhan changed his relationship status on Facebook as “committed”. Sabarinadhan posted this message with a lovely photo of the couple, “I am getting questions from dear ones about my marriage for a while. Now I am happily announcing it. I met sub collector Dr Divya S Iyer at Thiruvananthapuram. When we became close, we learned that our ideas, interests and perspectives are similar. With the love and blessings of both families, Divya will soon join me as my partner. We expect all your blessings”.


Divya was also very excited while talking to the media persons as she said that is must be first time that an MLA and an IAS officer getting married, she said, “We need blessings of all.” The marriage will be taking place in the month of May.

Sabarinadhan is the son of former speaker and late Congress leader G Karthikeyan. The story of Sabarinadhan’s parents is also a little similar, as Karthikeyan fell in love with M T Sulekha who was a professor. The families of the couple were against their relationship but they eloped and later a movie was made on their story which starred Mammooty.

The good thing for Sabarinadhan and Divya is that their families are totally supportive. They both belong to Thiruvananthapuram and Sabarinadhan is an MBA and he joined politics after the death of his father. In 2015, he won the by-election from Aruvikkara and won again in 2016 again.

While Divya is a medical graduate from CMC Vellore and cleared her IAS in 2013. Before she moved to her hometown as sub-collector, she served in Kottayam as assistant collector.

We wish the couple, all the best for their future life.

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