Problems for Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, Case filed against the makers of the movie

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has created a history on the box-office and people are just going crazy for the movie and its stars. The movie made many records other than raking in Rs. 100 crore on the very first day and it also topped the list of Thursday night Premieres in USA with $2.5 million surpassing the Hollywood movies such as Fast and Furious 8, Beauty and the Beast and others.



The movie has earned Rs. 540 crores till now and it is doing exceptionally well at the box-office but now a problem as come up for the makers.

The members of the Arekatika Porata Samithi have made a complaint against the makers of the movie in the Banjara Hills Police Station as the emotions of a community have been hurt in a scene.

In one scene, Kattapa says “Katika Cheekati”, which has angered a community as they feel that it brings insult to their community. As per The News Minute, it is written in the complaint, “We Katika people indulge in the trade of butchery, to sell meat of goats, sheep, and hens, to provide healthy food to the society, as part of our livelihood. We are not harsh, inhuman and anti-social people as the movies try to portray us.”

The members of the community also feel that the movie has some negative elements which may had a very bad effect on the minds of their kids. The issue was taken up in the censor board with an appeal to erase the dialogue, however, till now police has not filed any complaint.

SS Rajamouli is in London at present for the purpose of special screening of the movie, so lets wait and watch, how this matter will be solved.


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