Sushma Swaraj Slams Presidential Candidate Meira Kumar With This Tweet


Ram Nath Kovind is the presidential candidate of the NDA and he will be facing competition from former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar who is the candidate of few opposition parties including Congress.

BJP leader and Indian External Affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj has slammed Meira Kumar by posting a video on twitter. This video is from the Lok Sabha proceedings 2013 when Meira was the speaker of Lok Sabha and Sushma was the leader of opposition. During the Budget session, Sushma was giving her speech but as she spoke for nearly 4 minutes, Meira started interrupting her with “All right”, “Thank you”, “Okay”, “I have to proceed”, and in the next two minutes, Sushma was interrupted at least 60 times by the speaker.

Sushma tweeted: “This is how Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar treated the Leader of Opposition,” along with this video:

The minister also attached a report published in news daily Pioneer dated May 3rd, 2013 which wrote that the speaker “interrupted at least 60 times during the next 120 seconds of Swaraj’s speech”.

Well that is a straight attack by the minister on Presidential candidate, let’s see if there will be a response or not.

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