OMG! This Former Beauty Queen Died On Instagram Live


Drink and driving is always dangerous and a teen sensation Sofia Magerko has become the latest victim of this horrific habit. The former beauty queen was live on Instagram when she and her friend named Dasha Medvedeva were drinking alcohol and driving in their BMW car in Ukraine.


They were driving at a high speed and the car went out of control and hit a lamp post.


As they were live on Instagram, they were seen saying “Hi boys” and were talking about how they enjoyed life just few seconds before dying. Even the sound of crash was heard on the footage before it all went black.


Sofia died at the spot while her friend died on the way to the hospital.


Sofia was just 16-yr old and she had won a beauty contest in her hometown and a lot was expected from her in the future but sadly, her life was cut short due to this mistake of her of drinking and driving. The police have confirmed the news of her death but they have not yet confirmed the reason for the accident.


We request everyone to avoid driving if you are drunk.

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