Sushma Swaraj Slammed Sartaj Aziz Mercilessly And He Deserved Every Bit Of It


Sushma Swaraj, Indian External Affairs Minister has thrashed her Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz and Pakistani media in a series of tweet on Monday.

Pakistani media has been spreading fake news that India has been refusing medical visas to the Pakistani nationals while the truth is that there is a change in the procedure from the Pakistani’s side. Pakistani nationals now need to get a recommendation letter from their External Affairs Minister, Sartaj Aziz. She went on to slam Sartaj Aziz to such an extent that she said she hoped that he “has consideration for the nationals of his country”.
1. “I have my sympathies for all Pakistan nationals seeking medical visa for their treatment in India.”

2. “I am sure Mr.Sartaj Aziz also has consideration for the nationals of his country.”

3. “All that we require is his recommendation for the grant of medical visa to Pakistan nationals.”

4. “I see no reason why should he hesitate to give his recommendation for nationals of his own country.”


Then she also talked about the Indian visa application for which she has personally written a letter to Sartaj Aziz but she said “However, Mr. Aziz has not shown the courtesy even to acknowledge my letter.”

This visa application is of Avantika Jadhav, mother of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the Indian national who has been given capital punishment by a military court of Pakistan under the charges of spying and anti-Pakistan activities.


5. “We also have a visa application pending for an Indian national Mrs.Avantika Jadhav who wants to meet her son in Pakistan”

6. “against whom they have pronounced a death sentence.

7. “I wrote a personal letter to Mr.Sartaj Aziz for the grant of her visa to Pakistan.”

8. “However, Mr.Aziz has not shown the courtesy even to acknowledge my letter.”

Seems Pakistani minister has completely lost it, in a bid to malign India he is harming his own countrymen and not letting a mother meet her son is a grave crime.

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