AAP Leader Ashutosh Got Trolled After He Posted A Pic Of Himself With His Dogs

Aam Aadmi Leader, Ashutosh was trolled once again after he shared a photo in which he can be seen relaxing on bed with his dogs and watching ongoing test match between India and Sri Lanka.

Ashutosh has been very critical of Indian PM Narendra Modi and he often speaks against him. In fact, he claims that Indian PM is a jumlebaaz and he never fulfils the promises that he make.  Ashutosh was the managing editor of news channel IBN7 before he came into politics. It was the time of Anna Hazare movement that many people left their jobs and joined the movement and Ashutosh was also one of them who got pretty motivated with the movement and he joined Arvind Kejriwal when he promised to change the face of Indian politics.

However, we have not heard much from his side after the elections of five states but as the Gujarat elections are coming near we are getting to hear from AAP leaders.

Recently, Ashutosh took to Twitter to share his photo:

However, Twitter decided to have a field day and play their own cricket match:

Twitter is cruel sometimes, don’t you think so?


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